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That time again already??

Another year has passed, the festivities fading into the distance as the wheels of the [photographic] industry start rolling once again… Last year was full of various projects but one I enjoyed the most was a change from the usual glam fashion and took the form of Soldiers! A recruitment drive for the Army worked on by The Oneoff had me retouching Soldiers in both uniforms and civvy clothing with a high end but natural finish. Fun! Share → Tweet

Christmas season at Primark

As always with the run up to Christmas we take on a whole heap of work, Primark’s range being a massive part of this.  It was shot and retouched back in September but you’ll be seeing it throughout the stores across the country now, keep your eyes open! Share → Tweet

New and updated…

Lots of fresh new work on the site including a famous faces section, all of which were great fun to work on. Some needing more work than others but no names will be mentioned ; ) Share → Tweet